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RSS is a useful remedy to help keep news. RSS look for you on the websites you have chosen and reports whether there is something new to read and what the new messages. It works only for some websites that have RSS facility (identified by the RSS symbol).

The service is free. If you use RSS you get a list of sites you have subscribed. If the site name in bold, that means that there is something new. If the site name aanklinkt then you see what new posts there. You can set how often a site for you to look for RSS updates. You can see new messages ( ’RSS feeds’) in winning three ways:

  • Via the browser (most browsers have built such a device)
  • Through the mail program (some is also some provision)
  • Through a special program, an "RSS reader" (usually free download)

Many people find it useful to use RSS through their browser. Subscribing is easy. If the site has an RSS service, just to "subscribe" button and you are right (free) subscriber.

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